More Than Dreamt Of

There are more things in heaven and earth, . . . than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Fortune and Glory . . .


“It’s not the greatest line Doug – where did you say are?”

“In Madhya Pradesh, India . . . stopping over in Burhanpur.”

Jay’s mind raced through his mind’s comprehensive personal encyclopaedia and atlas, and filled in his own mental jigsaw, Douglas’s own voice ghosting in from the past “Fortune and glory, Jay . . . fortune and glory.”

“On the Tapi river? You’re still on the Solomon thing? Treasure hunting, Douglas – really, isn’t that a little too Hollywood, even for you? So are you chasing the fabled Red Sea-Ophiri trade route up towards the ancient gold mines, or heading for the sites of the diamond mines near Datia? And why call me, have you found some old sandalwood or kurusha you want me to analyse for you?

“Actually, I’m just out here to see Ana . . . but what was that you just said about Solomon . . . a trade route . . . and mines?”

[…the continuing chronicles of Jay Genswood, in this case prompted by the weekly flash fiction prompt on the What Pegman Saw blog]


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9 thoughts on “Fortune and Glory . . .

  1. An adventure story!

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  2. Intriguing story, vividly rendered!

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  3. Fun story. I like the way you revealed Doug’s character.

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  4. An adventurer, and an opportunist. Nicely done.

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  5. I’m curious too.

    You have a typo in the first line. Sorry, it was bugging me.

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  6. Good adventurous tilt this story has.

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